Why we do it: A breif history of Critelli Couriers

Tim Critelli a Montana Native started Critelli Couriers in the fall of 1999. He wanted to provide customers with better, more individualized and specialized shipping service. Critelli foreseen the need for more than just the throw it in the truck mentality. We offer a specialized and more personal experience.

We operate out of a 13,000 square foot facility in Billings MT, with 3 loading docks, warehouse space, and security area all under 24 hour surveillance.

Critelli Couriers has built a reputation with several major companies across the United States. We are the most specialized and on call same day service in Montana, Wyoming, and parts of Idaho.

We employ 5 office managers and 53 drivers and warehouse personnel. Our fleet now has 63 vehicles. We cover an area from: entire state of Montana to Central Wyoming to Salt Lake City, Utah; taking in parts of Idaho in between.

● Uniformed Drivers
● Secured Delivery
● Medical Lab Delivery
● Inter-Office Delivery
● Pharmaceutical Delivery

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